The Effect Of Weather Temperature To Blood Pressure

We certainly have heard the assumption that hot and blazing temperatures can make a person more easily emotional or angry. It’s just that, can the hot air temperature cause an increase in blood pressure? On the other hand, we also recommend you to call the best and the most trusted air conditioning repair singapore when your AC is broken, especially when the weather is too hard for you to bear, like in the early days of the summer season.

Quoted from a trusted healthcare website, researchers from University College, London, UK, conducted a study that produced an interesting fact that hypertensive patients can use a thermostat, a type of device that can regulate heat, in order to manage blood pressure in the body.

The thing that is not unexpected is that instead of hot temperatures, lower room temperatures are actually more closely related to high blood pressure or hypertension.

“This research proves that not only the potential for hypertension but diseases such as stroke and heart disease can also actually increase the number of cases in the winter,” said one researcher, Dr. Stephen Jivraj.

According to Jivraj, a temperature drop of only 1 degree Celsius has been able to increase 0.48 mm / Hg of systolic blood pressure and 0.45 mm / Hg of diastolic blood pressure.

The researchers also found that people who live in cool homes tend to have a blood pressure of 126.64 mmHg / – 74.52 mm / Hg, higher than the average person who lives in a house with warmer temperatures of only 121, 12 mm / Hg – 70.51 mm / Hg. High blood pressure also tends to affect people who are lazy to exercise regularly.

The results of the study were later published in this journal entitled Hypertension, Dr. Jivraj and his colleagues advise everyone to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to prevent an increase in blood pressure, especially if the air temperature starts to decline.

Tricks for maintaining the flower bouquets that you received from your lover

A bouquet of flowers given by a loved one is not just a display, but now you can turn it into a useful item, a container. Not only can you save memories, but these creations can also make your things no longer messy. Prepare the balloon, the bowl container as a benchmark, foam brush, then glue mod podge. First, blow a balloon the size of a bowl. Then coat half the surface of the balloon with glue. Then arrange the leaves on top of it neatly. Be sure to coincide with each other and there is no gap. Then just cover the surface of the leaves with glue. Let stand for 2-3 hours until dry. After that, release the balloon with a needle and remove it from the surface of the leaf. Do it carefully. Sim Salabim, now you can have a unique, quirky container. This is necessary for keeping your arreglos florales to stay fresh for an extended period of time

In addition to storing memories, the creation of necklaces from the resin can also make your appearance more attractive.

Do you get flowers from lovers or friends at graduation? Well, before the flowers have shriveled up, try to make the creation of an easy resin necklace. No need to preserve everything, just a few stems of flowers as a symbol of that memory ever existed.

All you need to make a flower necklace, only resin, catalyst (you can buy it at a chemical store), prints, and hook pendants. The first step, cut the small flowers neatly. Then mix the resin and catalyst liquid with a ratio of 1: 1. Stir until smooth with a small wooden stick. Then pour into the mold and enter the flower pieces. Don’t forget to plug the stick in the top as a hook hole. Then let stand for 24 hours.

After that, attach the pendant hook. The flower steps of your loved ones will last until you are old and your appearance with a resin pendant also looks more charming. Profitable? Right?