If now you still use bullet points in PPT for your presentation, that means you are not really present. Without the need to use the help of other applications such as Prezi and friends, actually, Microsoft PowerPoint is enough to make your presentation spectacular, provided you know the tips and tricks. There are a number of things you can do to make your powerpoint better than usual and most of you haven’t tried it or haven’t used it to the fullest. After this is guaranteed all your presentations will be superior to your colleagues or college friends. If your slide presentation is still like this, it means you are still like most people. Not only looks general, types of slides like this are also very boring to see. So that your listeners don’t get bored, you should immediately change your slide presentation style. The first key of an attractive slide is color, enrich your color choices through Adobe Color. Before starting to make slides you can first choose what color you will use in your slide presentation. If you rely on the default colors in the powerpoint, there are very few. Try clicking Microsoft Office 2016 free to download the full version with the product key.

Play your imagination to determine the thickness and size of the text for the title and body text, also distinguish the quote. Try the letters like DIN, Helvetica, Gotham, and Avenir which have a choice of bold, semibold and light. Don’t hesitate to combine bold and ordinary letters. Place the title a little more to the left and the subtitle or quote at the bottom. Start the text from the top left too or even from the bottom right, and please don’t give any picture on the right because it’s already very mainstream. If there are words that you want to emphasize, just give highlights in bright colors. Well, for numbers, try to close 70% of your slide presentation with numbers, this is really cool! Add some forms of flat shapes in the powerpoint, set the location so that it is not intact and looks more elegant.

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