Well, for those of you who have never watched and are curious about the exciting series that Netflix has offered, the following is the info about some of the best Netflix series that you must watch. We recommend you to watch them on weekends. Meanwhile, if you’re not in the USA, perhaps you need to know how to change country on netflix account as well.

Stranger Things

Here is a series that increasingly catapulted Netflix’s name and is being widely discussed by Warganet around the world. How come? The series that raised stories about mysteries that took place in a city scored very high on the sites of film and serial reviewers, IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and TV website. Even the Stranger Things have won several awards and popularized the names of players.

Launched in July 2016 for its first eight-episode season, Stranger Things was set in the 1980s and tell the story of the search for a missing child named Will Byers (Noah Schnapp). Will disappeared in 1983 and left many mysteries around him that led them to a conspiracy they had never expected before. This drama series is perfect for you fans of mystery stories.

13 Reasons Why

This series is arguably the main cause of people in the country starting to like the Netflix series. Not surprisingly, besides being produced by the world’s top singer, Selena Gomez, 13 Reasons Why is also studded with beautiful and handsome stars from Hollywood.

Although not as cute as the Stranger Things, the series also received a high score from film critics. 13 Reasons Why has been released since last March and the story was lifted from the 2007 best seller novel by Jay Asher with the same title.

The series is also a mystery about a high school student, Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) who killed herself. One by one, the cause of suicide was revealed because of 13 tapes in the tape he gave to his friend before deciding to end his life.

Chef’s Table

For those of you who like ‘beauty’ for food, Chef’s Table is the right spectacle for you. It’s because this documentary series features international chefs who are reliable in cooking and arranging their food so that it is not only delicious on the tongue, but also eye-catching.

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