A bit of its history, pocket watch is known to dominate the realm of horology in the early 20th century. However, when it entered the 1940s, this type of watch tended to be considered “feminine jewelry”, because many men — who were the biggest collectors of horology products — demanded practicality in monitoring time during the years of World War I and II. Meanwhile, perhaps you also want to check out the finest movado watches.

However, as the geopolitics of the world gradually stabilized, and the reverberation of peace was increasingly widely voiced, the pocket watch again found its popularity. Especially when the 1980s, a three-tier suit typical of Western European nobles, was adopted into the principle of “suit and tie” modern men, which indirectly “requires the use of” the type of related watch as a complement to elegant status.

Later, the use of pocket watches actually looks like an eccentric thing, worn by people who are free and creative spirits. Although the features of digital watches are so advanced, especially those embedded as features on many cellphones today, the presence of a unique watch is still seen as something with a distinctive personal touch, so as to improve the quality of the appearance of its users.

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